Each Piece is One-of-a-Kind

Every item in the Elizabeth DeMotte Jewelry collection is unique, without duplicates – typically it is the only piece of its type that is made.  However, occasionally I am able to reproduce a specific item, so please don’t hesitate to ask if you see a piece you like that is already listed as Sold.  (Better yet, safest is to purchase an item you really like right away before someone else buys it!) 


Materials and Construction

Unless otherwise noted, each Elizabeth DeMotte Jewelry piece is made with semi-precious stones and pearls, and every metal part is sterling silver or gold-plated silver.*    All are handmade, e.g. strung and knotted on silk thread or individually wrapped with wire.  Components have been sourced from around the world – carved metal beads from Thailand and Bali, gemstones from shops in Bangkok and New York, pendants and accent pieces discovered in Hong Kong haunts, and many more finds from world travels!   If you would like to know more about the background of your piece, just ask.   

If you look very closely, you may find a slight imperfection, like a tiny mis-matched stone or little hanging thread.  This does not detract from the piece and just signals that it is hand-made and an original!       

*Gold-plated silver can either be “vermeil” or “gold-fill” – the latter has a heavier gold coating and I often this use for clasps since they receive more handling.  I use a mix of vermeil and gold-fill components, however for ease of listing all the materials in each piece, only vermeil is noted in the product descriptions.   


International Currencies and Checking-Out

You can click on a currency of your choice when perusing elizabethdemottejewelry.com, but at check-out the total will convert to U.S. dollars.  The total excludes any taxes or import duties levied upon arrival in the buyer’s home country; the recipient is responsible to pay those.



Free shipping will be provided for purchases totaling US$200 or more on a single order.  The US$200 minimum purchase requirement to receive free shipping applies to a single order and may not be accumulated to apply to a subsequent order at a later date.    
Your purchase will be shipped within one week of payment confirmation and sent via registered mail in Hong Kong and by Hong Kong SpeedPost to international locations*.  Hong Kong SpeedPost is a dependable service with international delivery typically in 7-10 days.  We will send tracking information to the buyer once the item has shipped.  We are not responsible for any delays once the item is shipped from Hong Kong.   


*Excluding Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Croatia, Guam, Lebanon, Peru, Suriname.


Returns and Refunds

You can return an item for either exchange or refund within 30 days of the original shipping date as long as the piece is in returned in the same purchase condition.  The customer is responsible for the shipping return cost. The substitute item shipping fee from Hong Kong will be paid by Elizabeth DeMotte Jewelry if the item is returned due to item defect; the cost is the buyer's responsibility if the item is returned for exchange due to personal preference only.  The item should be returned by an insured carrier; retain the receipt and tracking number.  Sales items and custom orders cannot be exchanged or refunded. 




When choosing a necklace, make sure the lowest point doesn’t fall too far below your waist or hit at the midline of your bust.  Some Elizabeth DeMotte Jewelry pieces are flexibly worn, e.g. they come with removable tassels or pendants, long chains that can be wrapped into either double or triple strands, and multiple-stand necklaces that can be given a twist to shorten and give a more rope-like appearance.  Each piece is already uniquely your own and many can be personalized further as you choose!    

Standard necklace lengths in inches or centimeters:




The standard bracelet length is 7.5 in/19cm.  To ensure the perfect size bracelet for you, use a flexible measuring tape, piece of string or strip of paper to measure your wrist circumference at the point between your wristbone and hand, then add .5in/1.25 cm – that should be just right.  Add a little extra if you like a low-hanging bracelet or if the piece you like has very chunky stones or multiple strands of medium size stones.

Stretch bracelets are very forgiving in terms of size and may fit snugly or be a bit loose.  Always remember to "roll" the bracelet over your hand on to your wrist, so you don't stretch the cord over time.



Earring lengths are measured from the bottom edge of the ear hook to the lowest point of the earring.  



The most graceful anklets are those that fasten below the ankle bone and drape slightly.  The standard anklet length is 9-10in/23-25.5cm.  To measure for an anklet, simply wrap a piece of string below your ankle bone, measure the string length, and add approximately .5in/1cm for the total length.  Note that I can easily lengthen or shorten chain anklets on request or even convert them to bracelet length if you choose!    


Altered or Custom Pieces

Many of the jewelry items on this website can be lengthened, shortened or altered – just ask!  The fee depends on the extent of the work needed. 

Custom orders are welcome too.  Just share with me what inspires you – the perfect piece in your imagination, a variation of one of my current designs, a photo from a magazine, the memory of a long-ago favorite item – and I will design, source materials and craft to bring your vision to life.

Repair Work

I can often repair broken jewelry so that a favorite item can be rescued, including re-stringing, re-sizing or re-attaching damaged pieces.  I can usually tell whether repair is possible and the cost simply from a photograph. 


Caring for your Jewelry

Keep in mind that almost all jewelry metal – unless specially treated varieties – can tarnish or change color over time, even pure gold.  The best and gentlest way to brighten it is to give it a rub with a jewelry polishing cloth.  Some gems and beads will fade in prolonged exposure to the sun, so play safe and make sure jewelry isn’t left out next to a window.

To store and protect jewelry, place in a Ziploc bag and keep away from other hard or sharp objects.  Never put multiple pieces of jewelry in the same bag.    For silver jewelry in particular, make sure it is kept dry, and if storing in a Ziploc bag, squeeze all the air out of the bag before sealing it. 

To keep a multi-strand necklace from tangling, especially those with thin chains, just tie a ribbon around the strands before you put it away. 

Also, a tip is to put your jewelry on last as you’re getting ready to go out and make sure it doesn’t come into contact with hairspray, perfume, etc. 

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